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Patrick McGowan Professor Smith 2/26/10 English 1010 Paper 2 What can high school teachers and administrators do to better prepare their students to become more successful in college? The jump from high school to college is not an easy leap for most students. The reason why is because they were not prepared well enough to make the transition . Freshman in college will struggle while making this transition and some may even drop out . The stories we have read so far this semester relate by showing how this is negatively affecting high schools and the student’s futures . Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner , the authors of “What Do Schoolteachers and Sumo Wrestlers Have In Common?” from the book , Freakanomics , is about the different ways of cheating. To me this really
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relates to a high school education , students are being cheated out of a good education by not being taught the real ways to make it at the next level . There are so many different rules and laws that interfere with our public education that it is hard for teachers and administrators to really give us what we need to succeed . Administrators and teachers have been affected greatly by the “high- stakes” testing that simply test students on their progress, “schools are increasingly held accountable for the results.” The administrators, parents and teachers all know that the state testing is what is controlling day-to-day operations however, they have no control. “The federal government mandated high-stakes testing as part of the No Child Left Behind law, signed by
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Paper 2 - Patrick McGowan Professor Smith 2/26/10 English...

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