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first assign - William Dutcher MAE 277 Sept 3, 2010 One...

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William Dutcher Sept 3, 2010 MAE 277 One hobby of mine is skiing. Mechanical Engineering has helped make my hobby better by designing bindings that have reduced injury rates and allowed for increased ability on the snow. Ski bindings are composed of two main parts the toe piece and the heel piece. In a crash bindings are designed to release, allowing the skiers legs to be free. With improvements over the years these bindings have integrated different pivot points, anti friction pads, and materials to allow the ski to perform like it is intended while allowing for the skier to be safe during a crash. This is very important in an industry in which knee injuries and tendon tears are very prevalent. It also provides the rider with assurance knowing that the product they are on has been tested many times to prevent such injuries as well. One hobby of mine that will improve because of my Mechanical Engineering skills would be weightlifting. Through all of the knowledge I have and will gain from Mechanical Engineering courses I will know a lot more about weight transfer, torque on my different joints, work being done, angles created by bending and flexing different portions of my body, and overall force and where the majority of it is. This information is important in the efforts to protect myself from injury by putting too much force on different body parts as well as getting in the right positions to have the most leverage and control of the weights. One engineered product that benefits society as a whole would be plastic.
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first assign - William Dutcher MAE 277 Sept 3, 2010 One...

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