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EE450, fall 2010 Homework #1 Due Thursday, September 9 --------------------------------------------------------------- All on-campus students must submit the homework to Professor Zahid before or during lecture class on the session that you are registered in. TBA students submit their HWs in the session they attend. No electronic submission whatsoever). DEN remote students have until Friday, September 10, Noon sharp! DEN students must e-mail their homeworks to
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Unformatted text preview: . Make sure to get confirmation from DEN upon receipt of your homework For questions regarding HW problems, please see any TAs during office hours or contact your designated TA via e-mail (with EE450 in your subject line) and CC the email to Professor Zahid. --------------------------------------------------------------- Reading Assignment : Read entire Chapter 1 of the textbook (the 5 th Edition) Chapter 1 Problems : P4, P5, P6, P11, P24, P26, P27 and P28...
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