Notes Chapters 4-6

Notes Chapters 4-6 - Chapter 4 Selling the Association...

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Chapter 4 Selling the Association Market Association Revenues -Due 38.5% -Conventions/Exhibits/Meetings- 31.8% -Publications/Advertising- 14.5% -Other- 15.2% Requirements/ Site Selection -Adequate meeting space -number and size of meeting rooms -Enough guestrooms -negotiable rates -Adequate exhibit space -Attractive location -Service -assistance in planning and execution -opportunity for negotiations and flexibility -quality of food service with negotiable options on F& B Kinds of Meetings -Annual Convention -largest and most visible type of association meeting -ave. attendance of 300 or less -international, national, state and regional -general session -breakout sessions -concurrent sessions -exhibit hours -food functions -registration includes all sessions, food functions, exhibit access, and special events -State and Regional Conventions -require major effort on association’s part -state associations -growth in regional conventions—sponsored by national or by state/regional for that area -inexperienced planners -Conferences -Seminars & workshops -tie in with training and continuing education Characteristics of Association Meetings -Cycle and Pattern -Regular time cycle (annual, biennial, semiannual) -Sunday through Wednesday *most begin on Sunday! -Thursday through Sunday
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-Geographic Pattern -alternate East, Midwestern, West, Midwestern -Geographic Restrictions -state associations within the state -regional convention within the regional states -Lead Time -determined by size of the meeting -annual meetings—2 to 5 years -other meetings—just under 1 year
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Notes Chapters 4-6 - Chapter 4 Selling the Association...

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