SACH PIC - Programming and Customizing the PIC...

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Unformatted text preview: Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller (Includes PCB Board) 3/e Myke Predko Imprint: Tab Electronics Pub Date: June 2007 ISBN: 9780071472876 Previous: 9780071361729 Format: SOFT BACK UK Price: 37.99 - Euro Price: 55.10 SA$ Price: 59.95 Subject Area: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Pages: 1000 - Illustrations: 500 Description Everything you need to programs PICs, develop your own applications, and interface with external devices Long recognized as the most thorough compilation of PIC-micro information available anywhere, this 1000 page blockbuster tutorial has been completely revamped to reflect the most recent technological developments as well as current informational demands of the microcontroller community. Key Features • New to this edition: A concentration on the three major PIC families, allowing readers to develop a synergy between the three programming languages; an increase in the number of example programs; coverage of the latest program development tools; the inclusion of a sample PIC microcontroller that is compatible with the three PIC families discussed in the book; and a more streamlined and accessible format. • 500-plus illustrations. • Myke Predko is a bestselling McGraw-Hill author, having written 123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius, Build Your Own Sumo-bot, and others. Market Electronic and Robotic Hobbyists and PIC Microcontroller newbie’s Table of Contents Part 1: The PIC Microcontroller, Chapter 1 – Microcontrollers, Chapter 2 - The Microchip PIC Microcontroller, Part 2: Setting up your own PIC Microcontroller Development Lab, Chapter 3 - Programmer PCB, Chapter 4 - Software Development Tools, Part 3: PIC MCU Basics, Chapter 5 - PIC MCU Processor Architecture, Chapter 6 - The PIC Microcontroller Instruction Set, Chapter 7 - The Configuration Register, Chapter 8 - Basic Operating Features, Part 4: PIC Microcontroller Interfacing Capabilities, Chapter 9 - PIC MCU Optional Hardware Features, Chapter 10 - PIC MCU Application Design Issues, Chapter 11 - PIC MCU Hardware Interfacing, Chapter 12 - Practical PC Interfacing, Chapter 13 - PIC Microcontroller Program Memory Loading, Part 5: PIC Microcontroller Software Development, Chapter 14 - Microchip MPLAB IDE, Chapter 15 - Assembly Language Software Techniques, Chapter 16 - Macro Development, Chapter 17 - Designing your own PIC Microcontroller Applications, Chapter 18 - Debugging your Applications, Chapter 19 – Emulators, Part 6: PIC Microcontroller Applications, Chapter 20 – Demonstrations, Chapter 21 – Projects, Chapter 22 - Real Time Operating Systems, Chapter 23 - In Closing, App A: Resources, App B: PIC MCU Summary, App C: Useful Tables and Data, App D: Basic Electronics, App E: Digital Electronics, App F: BASIC Reference, App G: C Reference, App H: 16 Bit Numbers and App I: Reuse, Return and Recycle....
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SACH PIC - Programming and Customizing the PIC...

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