sEdge - [Project Toolset=AVR FormatVersion=2 Files=1...

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[Project] Toolset=AVR FormatVersion=2 Files=1 F1=sEdge.c OpenedFiles=1 OutputListFilesDirectory=List OutputObjectFilesDirectory=Obj OutputExecutableFilesDirectory=Exe OutputLinkerFilesDirectory=Linker AllowDisplayFunctionCallTree=1 Top0=198 Left0=267 Height0=337 Width0=489 Active0=0 State0=0 OF1=sedge.c Top1=-30 Left1=-4 Height1=614 Width1=924 Active1=1 Row1=16 Column1=53 State1=2 TimeStamp1=981690649 CleanUp=2 TimeStamp0=981690649 Collumn1=39 [Compiler] RebuildAll=0 LinkageInformationPresent=1 Chip=ATmega16 CPUClock=16000000 MemoryModel=1 OptimizeSize=1 OptimizationLevel=2 PrintfFeatures=1 ScanfFeatures=0 DataStackSize=256 RAMStart=96 RAMEnd=1119 PgmMemSize=16384 XRAMSize=0 XRAMWaitState=0 HeapSize=0 InterruptVectorsNumber=21 InterruptVectorJump=1 ResetVector=0 ExternalStartupFile=0 ClearGlobalVarsStartup=1 ExternalStartupFileWarning=0 BitVariablesSize=16 UseHiGPIORbit=0 PromoteCharToInt=1 CharIsUnsigned=1 GlobalConstInFlash=0 8BitEnums=1
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EnhancedCoreInstructions=1 AutomaticRegisterAllocation=1
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This note was uploaded on 10/02/2010 for the course DE 084 taught by Professor Mr.john during the Spring '10 term at Acadia.

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sEdge - [Project Toolset=AVR FormatVersion=2 Files=1...

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