AChemLab3 - Infrared Spectroscopic Identification of...

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- Infrared Spectroscopic Identification of Unknown Organic Molecules 2/c Anderson,* 2/c Brockway, 2/c Harrison, 2/c Yahle, 2/c Zalewski, 2/c Miller, and 1/c Packard Department of Science, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut 06320-8101 Procedures Infrared spectra for unknown molecules were acquired and analyzed in order to identify characteristic infrared absorbance frequencies and correlate those frequencies to specific molecular functional groups. For this experiment, the spectrums were measured from 400cm -1 to 4000cm -1 using a Thermo Nicolet Avatar Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer 370 and standard procedures for that instrument. Prior to being placed in the Nicolet Avatar FTIR, samples were placed between two salt plates which were rinsed with acetone and dried. One salt plate was placed into a small casing with a hole in the bottom. 25µL of six unknown samples were each pipetted between the salt plates without air bubbles to dispel possible interference. It was important to minimize their interferences to get accurate results as these sample readings are easily affected by the atmosphere, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. A cap was used to hold the salt plates
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AChemLab3 - Infrared Spectroscopic Identification of...

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