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Name: Date: Class: Comparative Analysis To Huff or Not to Huff Huffing is a problem that is occurring among society’s young people at an alarming rate. There are two websites that discuss this plague in detail: The first one is http://www.usdoj.gov , and the second one is http://www.drgreene.org . After examining each website carefully it was decided that the first webpage mentioned is more comprehensive. Although both of these websites contain similar information about Huffing, they are very different from each other. There are many reasons why the www.usdoj website is better, but the three most compelling reasons have to do with authority, objectivity of the page, structure and organization of the webpage . (clear thesis statement) The authority of the www.usdoj is stronger than the www.drgreene.org website. It was published by the National Drug Intelligence Center; sources for this page are clearly listed, and there are several of them, located at the very top of the page. Readers have access to, Text Version, PDF Version, In Spanish, In French, and a publications page. An extra bonus is that you can translate the page in two different languages other than English. This is of a big benefit for readers out there, most importantly, parents, who don’t speak English, and want to get
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Last name 2 information on how people “huff,” and to be able to read this article without having to tell someone else to read it for them. On one page, it says that this document was archived on July, 2009.
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example analysis doc - Name: Date: Class: Comparative...

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