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Lecture 13 - Scientific forestry - notes Film : “ The Greatest Good, A Forest Service Centennial Film, part 1.” In class, we see only 45 minutes of this two-hour film that was commissioned by the United States Forest Service to commemorate its 100 th Anniversary. Parts 2-3 of the film have additional special features on the Forest Service. There is also a companion book to the film: The Forest Service and The Greatest Good: A Centennial History, by James G. Lewis. Some things to consider in watching the film and reading Behan : 1) Scientific forestry’s focus on sustaining a yield of timber meant managing forests with the goal of creating mature forests to be cut and re-grown as fast as possible to sustain the supply of timber. While drawing on scientific knowledge, the management approach was ideologically driven - seeking to make forests into productive machines that would support economic growth - rather than simply being based on objective scientific principles. 2) Think about how conservation interests and scientific forestry understood forests in terms of:
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