Capability Maturity Level

Capability Maturity Level - The extent of our Organization...

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Capability Maturity Level (CMM) The Capability Maturity Level for our organization will be level 3. Our ATC Organization requires groups of people to coordinate and work together, as an integrated Product team. There is no room for any tardiness or irresponsibility of any employees. As this will not only extend our product deadline date but it will also affect the stability and sense of security within the organization. To be a member of our Organization, a significant amount of skilled workers are required . These skilled workers not only require education, but also training which will be provided ahead of time. Again, I want to emphasize that the ATC System is an integrated & a coordinated product team . This type of system is in effect due to its management and engineering processes throughout the organization.
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Unformatted text preview: The extent of our Organization allows the management team to expect and welcome problems, and to formulate strategies that will minimize the effects of these problems. For, e.g. the airline should anticipate the problem, that suddenly in mid air the engine fails or all communication between CDC is lost, Then the airline should figure out a means of communication or safe landing other than the original plan. • Government Jobs will be given by our ATC Organization. • We will be implementing CASE Tools in our product development. • We will need skilled programmers especially in Java and Visual Basic as this is what most of our programs will be based on. • New technologies will be evaluated on a qualitative basis • The Data is systematically shared amongst the individuals working in the organization....
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Capability Maturity Level - The extent of our Organization...

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