Functionals-NonFunctionals-Domain - Functionals /Non...

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Functionals /Non Functionals /Domain (3) Functionals: Communication Police- The system should be able to contact the police department when required. The Air traffic control center should be able to transmit messages back and forth to the Police. Print Log Fire- The ATC System should be able to contact the Fire department when necessary. The Fire Department should automatically be alerted when there is a call for emergency Transmit Messages Print Log CPDLC- Controller Pilot Data Link Center (Allows Digital Messages to be sent from Controller to Pilot) Communication should be able to take place between the Pilot and Air Traffic controller (ATC) at the base station. The Air Traffic Controller should be able to access the Data, Statistics and other resources that the Pilot uses to determine the successful takeoff, landing and duration of the flight. Transmit Messages Print Log The system should be secure; communication must be synchronized only between the pilot and Certified Air Traffic Controller. Sensors
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Functionals-NonFunctionals-Domain - Functionals /Non...

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