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Sequence Model - Satellite Data Feeders Acquired Establish...

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Construct internal security system Install weather monitors and emergency sensors Complete air navigation control towers and install all needed equipment Provide state of the art sensor equipment for all acquired airplanes Project needed employees and payroll Seek Local police services |Operator Notify Federal Defense Establish Direct link with nearby hospital Order CPDLC Construction Initiate Establish Police Cooperation Install interior communication Appoint Air control Manager Control Radars
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Unformatted text preview: Satellite Data Feeders Acquired Establish Power and utilities connection Cost Obtained Acquire reliable fuel source and obtained costs Seek federal services Equipment and airplane parts costs Proceed with hardware installation Appoint Ground control Manager Establish Database of all personal Provide full data base to FBI officials Obtain database of potential threat Update List Print |Sensors |Communication |Accounting| Security |Operation Control...
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