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Software Process Model Between waterfall model and evolutionary development, I believe that evolutionary development is better suited for Air Traffic Control system. The system must be reliable and stable because it receives constant information on flow of air traffic. Two major problems for ATC are the volume of air traffic and weather. Traffic problems begin when airlines schedule more arrivals into an airport than can be physically handled, or when delays elsewhere cause groups of aircraft that would otherwise be separated in time to arrive simultaneously. Aircraft must then be delayed
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Unformatted text preview: in the air by holding over specified locations until they may be safely sequenced to the runway. The weather such as snow and thunderstorms present a variety of hazards to aircraft. Bad weather on the runway cause landing aircraft to take longer to slow and exit, thus reducing the safe arrival rate and requiring more space between landing aircraft. Therefore, the system needs to be flexible and undergo continual adaptation to the environment change. By using evolutionary development the system's environment can be stable and the specification can be developed incrementally....
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