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2.7 Personal Affirmation List

2.7 Personal Affirmation List - grade 4 I got accepted to...

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2.7 Personal Affirmation List Directions: Using the boxes below, list five of your strengths, five things that you admire about yourself, five of your greatest achievements, and five (5) things that you can do to help someone else. Strengths 1.Math 2.Reading 3.Science 4.Creative Writing 5.History What I Like About Myself 1. I am very good at math. 2. I read very well. 3. I am very good at science. 4. I can write good creative papers. 5. I can remember historical events well. Greatest Achievements 1. I was in Drama Club for 2 years 2. I reached an 11 th grade reading level in 7 th grade 3. I was one point away from a perfect EOG score in 6 th
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Unformatted text preview: grade. 4. I got accepted to the Wayne School of Engineering. 5. I was accepted in Junior Beta Club in 7 th grade Helpful Actions 1. I can tutor someone in math. 2. I can clean a pool for somebody 3. I can rake a yard for someone. 4. I can help people solve their problems 5. I tutor anybody who needs it How might awareness of my personal strengths be helpful in determining success? To help me determine what career I want to choose. How might awareness of my greatest achievements be helpful in determining success? How might awareness of my ability to help others be helpful in determining success?...
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