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EBIO lab - reaction time - Luke Morin Bio Human Approach...

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Luke Morin Bio Human Approach – Lab 10/4/07 Lab #1 – Reaction Times and Hand Dominance Introduction: When testing reaction time in people, we would like to determine if there is any variance between dominant hand reaction time and non-dominant hand reaction time. We know that generally people perform tasks more precisely and with greater competence with their dominant hand. We also know that previous studeies have indicated that dominant hands have faster reaction times (Shen, 2005) than non-dominant hands. Therefore we hypothesized that people would react faster to a controlled stimulus with their dominant hand than their non-dominant hand. Methods: In order to test this hypothesis we created an experiment with two light-emitting boxes whose illumination could be controlled manually by a researcher. Both boxes were placed before a subject and the lights (left hand and right hand) were set off at random, the randomness was determined by a coin flip. Once a light was lit, the subject pressed the appropriate box button and reaction time was
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EBIO lab - reaction time - Luke Morin Bio Human Approach...

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