10 evidence that subordinates suppress communicating

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Unformatted text preview: al Social Psychology, 23, 176–187. Ashford, S. J. (1989). Self-assessments in organizations: A literature review and integrated model. Research in Organizational Behavior, 11, 133–174; Harris & Shaubroeck, 1988. Noon, M., & Delbridge, R. (1993). News from behind my hand: Gossip in organizations. Organization Studies, 14, 23–36. Davis, K. (1977). Human behavior at work (5th ed.). New York: McGrawHill. Davis, K. (1953). Management communication and the grapevine. Harvard Business Review, 31(5), 43–49; Sutton, H., & Porter, L. W. (1968). A study of the grapevine in a governmental organization. Personnel Psychology, 21, 223–230. Bartlett, C.A., & Ghosal, S. (1995, May–June). Changing the role of top management: Beyond systems to people. Harvard Business Review, 132–142. Rosnow, R. L. (1980). Psychology of rumor reconsidered. Psychological Bulletin, 87, 578–591. Rosnow, R. L. (1991) Inside rumor: A personal journey. American Psychologist, 46, 484–496. Kanter, R. M. (1977). Men a...
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