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Unformatted text preview: 156; D’Aveni, R. A., & Ilinitch, A. Y. (1992). Complex patterns of vertical integration in the forest products industry: Systematic and bankruptcy risks. Academy of Management Journal, 35, 596–625. D’aveni, R. A., & Ravenscraft, D. J. (1994). Economies of integration versus bureaucracy costs: Does vertical integration improve performance? Academy of Management Journal, 37(5), 1167–1206. Anders, G. (2003, February). The Carly Chronicles. Fast Company, 66–73; Adrangi, S. (2003, July 29). DuPont wins investor battle. The Globe and Mail, p. B5; Marotte, B. (2003, September 26). Maple Leaf buys Schneider. The Globe and Mail, pp. B1, B7; Marotte, B. (2003, October 7). Couche-Tard bags Circle K chain in U.S. The Globe and Mail, pp. B1, B2; Stewart, S. (2003, September 29). Manulife megadeal worth $15-billion. The Globe and Mail, pp. A1, A4; Stueck, W. (2003, September 13). Alcan finally snags rival Pechiney. The Globe and Mail, pp. B1, B4. Lubatkin, M., & O’Neill, H. M. (...
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