37 howell j m 1988 two faces of charisma socialized

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Unformatted text preview: Vroom, V. H., & Yetton, P. W. (1973). Leadership and decision-making. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press. Vroom & Yetton, 1973, p. 13. See Vroom & Jago, 1988, for a review. See also Field, R. H. G., Wedley, W. C., & Hayward, M. W. J. (1989). Criteria used in selecting Vroom-Yetton decision styles. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 6(2), 18–24. Reviews on participation reveal a complicated pattern of results. See Miller, K. I., & Monge, P. R. (1986). Participation, satisfaction, and productivity: A meta-analytic review. Academy of Management Journal, 29, 727–753; Wagner, J. A., III, & Gooding, R. Z. (1987a). Shared influence and organizational behavior: A meta-analysis of situational variables expected to moderate participation–outcome relationships. Academy of Management Journal, 30, 524–541; Wagner, J. A., III, & Gooding, R. Z. (1987b). Effects of societal trends on participation research. Administrative Science Quarterly, 32, 241–262. 583 References 29. Graen...
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