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38 cole t 1999 february all the rage report on

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Unformatted text preview: view, assessment, and recommendations. Journal of Business Ethics, 9, 183–190. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Chapter 13 1. Sources include Brent, P. (1999, December 6). Air Canada’s challenge: soothe bitter feelings of intense combatants. National Post, p. C4; Chipello, C. J. (1999, August 25). Onex offers to buy Canada’s big airlines-Canadian Airlines supports plan, but Air Canada reacts coolly to merger. Wall Street Journal, p. A3; Harris, L.( 2002, January 28). Pilots experience turbulence during merging of seniority lists. 9. Canadian HR reporter, p. 5; Jimenez, M. (2001, November 24). Pilot feud threatens air safety, report says: Air Canada seniority snub: Former aviators with Canadian Airlines tell families not to fly. National Post, p. A1; Naumetz, T. (1999, September 30). Air Canada pilot fears “virus” from merger: Employees voice concerns for job security. Ottawa Citizen, p. C1; Nicol, J., & Clark, A. (2000, May 22). Unfriendly skies (union quote). Maclean’s, 34-37; Van Praet, N....
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