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Unformatted text preview: h diversity as a strategic imperative. In S. E. Jackson (Ed.), Diversity in the workplace: Human resources initiatives. New York: Guilford Press. 21. Cox, 1993; Cox, T., Jr. (1991, May). The multicultural organization. Academy of Management Executive, 34–47. 22. Crone, G. (1999, Feb. 18). Companies embracing workplace diversity. Financial Post; Galt, V. (2004, January 27). Firms excel with women in senior ranks: Study. The Globe and Mail, p.B5. 23. Koonce, R. (2001, December). Redefining diversity. T+D, 55(12), 22–32; Galt, V. (2002, September 25). Top women still finding barriers. The Globe and Mail, p.B7. 24. Hartley, E. L. (1946). Problems in prejudice. New York: King’s Crown Press. 25. Alderfer, C. P., & Thomas, D. A. (1988). The significance of race and ethnicity for organizational behavior. In C. L. Cooper & I. Robertson (Eds.), International review of industrial and organizational psychology. New York: Wiley; Cox, T., Jr., & Nkomo, S. M. (1990). Invisible men and w...
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