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Unformatted text preview: 1987). Merger strategies and capital market risk. Academy of Management Journal, 30, 665–684; Pfeffer & Salancik, 1978; Hill, C. W. L., & Hoskisson, R. E. (1987). Strategy and structure in the multiproduct firm. Academy of Management Review, 12, 331–341. Kanter, R. M. (1989, August). Becoming PALS: Pooling, allying, and linking across companies. Academy of Management Executive, 183–193. Parkhe, A. (1993). Strategic alliance structuring: A game theoretic and transaction cost examination of interfirm cooperation. Academy of Management Journal, 36, 794–829. See also Ring, P. S., & Van de Ven, A. H. (1994). Developmental processes of cooperative interorganizational relationships. Academy of Management Review, 19, 90–118. Parkhe, A. (1993). Partner nationality and the structure-performance relationship in strategic alliances. Organizational Science, 4, 301–324. References 36. Schoorman, F. D., Bazerman, M. H., & Atkin, R. S. (1981). Interlocking directorates: A strategy for reducing environmental uncert...
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