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Unformatted text preview: s revolution. New York: HarperBusiness; Stewart, T. A. (1993, August 23). Reengineering: The hot new management tool. Fortune, 41–48. Hammer, M., & Champy, J., 1993. Hammer, M., & Champy, J., 1993 Teng, J. T. C., Grover, V., & Fiedler, K. D. (1994, Spring). Business process reengineering: Charting a strategic path for the information age. California Management Review, 9–31. Hammer, M., & Champy, J., 1993; Teng, J. T. C. et al., 1994. Examples from Greengard, S., 1993 and Teng, J. T. C. et al., 1994. See Dumaine, B. (1989, February 14). How managers can succeed through speed. Fortune, 54–59. Hall, G., Rosenthal, J., & Wade, J. (1993, November–December). How to make reengineering really work. Harvard Business Review, 119–131. Guzzo, R. A., Jette, R. D., & Katzell, R. A. (1985). The effects of psychologically based intervention programs on worker productivity: A meta-analysis. Personnel Psychology, 38, 275–291; Neuman, G. A., Edwards, J. E., & Raju, N. S. (198...
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