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9 canadian hr reporter p 5 jimenez m 2001 november

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Unformatted text preview: An experiment. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, San Diego. 589 References 52. Levine, D. B. (1990, May 21). The inside story of an inside trader. Fortune, 80–89, p. 82. 53. Grover, S. L. (1993). Why profesisonals lie: The impact of professional role conflict on reporting accuracy. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 55, 251–272. 54. Staw, B. M., & Szwajkowski, E. W. (1975). The scarcity-munificence component of organizational environments and the commission of illegal acts. Administrative Science Quarterly, 20, 345–354. 55. Sonnenfeld, J., & Lawrence, P. R. (1989). Why do companies succumb to price fixing? In K. R. Andrew (Ed.), Ethics in practice: Managing the moral corporation. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. 56. Ripley, A. (2002, December 30, 2002/Jan 6, 2003). The night detective. Time, 45; Morse, J., & Bower, A. (2002, December 30, 2002/Jan 6, 2003). The party crasher. Time, 53. 57. Hegarty & Sims, 1978; Hegarty, W. H., & Si...
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