A theory of social comparison processes human

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Unformatted text preview: ion, Medsker, & Higgs, 1993. Hyatt, D. E., & Ruddy, T. M. (1997). An examination of the relationship between work group characteristics and performance: Once more into the breech. Personnel Psychology, 50, 553–585. Kirkman & Shapiro, 1997; Banker et al., 1996. Farnham, A. (1994, February 7). America’s most admired company. Fortune, 50–54; Dumaine, B. (1993, December 13). Payoff from the new management. Fortune, 103–110. Waterman, R. H., Jr. (1987). The renewal factor. New York: Bantam Books; McElroy, J. (1985, April). Ford’s new way to build cars. Road & Track, 156–158. Pinto, M. B., Pinto, J. K, & Prescott, J. E. (1993). Antecedents and consequences of project team cross-functional cooperation. Management Science, 39, 1281–1297; Henke, J. W., Krachenberg, A. R., & Lyons, T. F. (1993). Cross-functional teams: Good concept, poor implementation! Journal of Product Innovation Management, 10, 216–229. Mustang examples from White, J. B., & Suris, O. (1...
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