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Unformatted text preview: Science Quarterly, 12, 79–91; Mansfield, R. (1973). Bureaucracy and centralization: An examination of organizational structure. Administrative Science Quarterly, 18, 77–88. DeWitt, R. L. (1993). The structural consequences of downsizing. Organization Science, 4, 30–40. Freeman, S. J., & Cameron, K. S. (1993). Organizational downsizing: A convergence and reorientation framework. Organization Science, 4, 10–29. Cascio, W. F. (1993, February). Downsizing: what do we know? What have we learned? Academy of Management Executive, 95–104. DeWitt, 1993; Sutton, R. L., & D’Aunno, T. (1989). Decreasing organizational size: Untangling the effects of money and people. Academy of Management Review, 14, 194–212. Cascio, 1993. Brockner, J. (1988). The effects of work layoffs on survivors: Research, theory, and practice. Research in Organizational Behavior, 10, 213–255. Cascio, W.F. (2002, August). Strategies for responsible restructuring. Academy of Management Executive, 80-91; Burke, W.W. (1...
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