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Academy of management review 18 621 656 for a

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Unformatted text preview: nizational interfaces. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. 32. Robbins, 1974; also see Brown, 1983. 33. Raynal, W. & Wilson, K.A. (2001, October 15). What about Bob? Autoweek, p. 5. 34. Ramsay, L. (1999, March 15). Stress, the plague of the 1990s. National Post, p. D10. Best, P. (1999, February). All work (Stressed to the max? Join the club). Report on Business Magazine, 3. 35. Underwood, A., & Kalb, C. (1999, June 14). Stress. Newsweek, 54-63. 36. DeFrank, R. S., & Ivancevich, J. M. (1998, August). Stress on the job: An executive update. Academy of Management Executive, 55-66. 37. Xie, J. L., & Johns, G. (1995). Job scope and stress: Can job scope be too high? Academy of Management Journal, 38, 1288-1309. 38. Cole, T. (1999, February). All the rage. Report on Business Magazine, 50-57. 39. This model has much in common with many contemporary models of work stress. For a comprehensive summary see Kahn, R. L., & Byosiere, P. (1992). Stress in organizations. In M. D. Dunnette & L. M. Hough (Eds.), Handbook of industrial...
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