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Unformatted text preview: g the human back into resources. The Globe and Mail, p. C1; Galt, V. (2002, November 20). Training on tap. The Globe and Mail, p. C1. Day, 1998. Day, 1998. Day, 1998. DeSimone, R. L., Werner, J. M., & Harris, D. M. (2002). Human resource development. Orlando, FL: Harcourt College Publishers. 570 74. Harding, K. (2003, February 5). Firms offer a hand up the ladder. The Globe and Mail, p. C3. 75. Harding, 2003. 76. McKay, S. (2001, February). The 35 best companies to work for in Canada. Report on Business Magazine, 17(8), 53–62. Chapter 3 1. Sources include Dreyfus, J., Lee, M. J., & Totta, J. M. (1995, December). Mentoring at the Bank of Montreal: A case study of an intervention that exceeded expectations. Human Resource Planning, 18(4), 45–49; Flynn, G. (1997, December). Bank of Montreal invests in its workers. Workforce, 76(12), 30–38; Greengard, S. (2003, March). Optimas update: The best get better. Workforce, 82(3), S5; Greffe, P. (1993, September). Workplace equality—pursuing a g...
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