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Unformatted text preview: tural communication. In S. Bochner (Ed.), Cultures in contact: Studies in crosscultural interaction. Oxford: Pergamon; Furnham & Bocher, 1986. 585 References 42. Collett, P. (1971). Training Englishmen in the non-verbal behaviour of Arabs: An experiment on intercultural communication. International Journal of Psychology, 6, 209–215. 43. Furnham & Bochner, 1986; Argyle, 1982. 44. Ramsey & Birk, 1983. 45. Furnham & Bochner, 1986; Argyle, 1982. 46. Tannen, D., 1995. 47. Levine, R., West, L. J., & Reis, H. T. (1980). Perceptions of time and punctuality in the United States and Brazil. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 38, 541–550. 48. Hall, E. T., & Hall, M. R. (1990). Understanding cultural differences. Yarmouth, ME: Intercultural Press. 49. Dulek, R. E., Fielden, J. S., & Hill, J. S. (1991, January–February). International communication: An executive primer. Business Horizons, 20–25. 50. Daft, R. L., & Lengel, R. H. (1984). Information richness: A new approach to managerial behavior and organiz...
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