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Unformatted text preview: Rival employees at Compaq, HP, might have to learn new systems together. The Gazette, p. C4 (Bloomberg News); Burrows, P. (2001, December 24). Carly’s last stand? BusinessWeek, 62–70; Caudron, S. (2003, July). Don’t mess with Carly. Workforce,; Anders, G. (2003, February). The Carly Chronicles. Fast Company, 66–73; Fordahl, M. (2002, March 28). HP, Compaq face ghosts of mega-mergers past. The Globe and Mail, p. B17 (Associated Press). 2. Nadler, D. A., & Tushman, M. L. (1989, August). Organizational frame bending: Principles for managing reorientation. Academy of Management Executive, 194–203. 3. This list relies mostly on Leavitt, H. (1965). Applied organizational changes in industry: Structural, technological, and humanistic approaches. In J. G. March (Ed.), Handbook of organizations. Chicago: Rand McNally. 4. Cameron, K. S., & Quinn, R. E. (1999). Diagnosing and changing organizational culture. Reading: MA. Addison-Wesley. 5. Garvin, D. A. (1993). Building a learning organization. Harvard Business Review, 71(4), 78–...
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