In r christie f geis eds studies in machiavellianism

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Unformatted text preview: nplugged? USA Today, p. 1B; Feder, B. J. (2003, June 10). Management practices enabled huge fraud, 2 investigations find. New York Times, p. C1; Haddad, C., Foust, D., 10. 11. Rosenbush, S. (2002, July 8). WorldCom’s sorry legacy. Business Week, 38–40; Roberts, J. L., & Thomas, E. (2002, March 11). Enron’s dirty laundry. Newsweek, 22–28; Sloan, A., & Isikoff, M. (2002, January 28). The Enron effect. Newsweek, 34–36; Zellner, W. et al. (2001, December 17). The fall of Enron. Business Week, 30–36; Zellner, W., Palmeri, C., France, M., Weber, J., & Carney, D. (2002, February 11). Jeff Skilling: Enron’s missing man. Business Week, 38–40. Brass, D. J., & Burkhardt, M. E. (1993). Potential power and power use: An investigation of structure and behavior. Academy of Management Journal, 36, 441–470. These descriptions of bases of power were developed by French, J. R. P., Jr., & Raven, B. (1959). In D. Cartwright (Ed.), Studies in social power. Ann Arbor, MI...
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