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Unformatted text preview: n: A longitudinal study. Journal of Marketing Research, 15, 214–219, p. 215. For a study of the prevalence of these plans see Lawler, E. E. III, Mohrman, S. A., & Ledford, G. E. (1992). Employee involvement and total quality management: Practices and results in Fortune 1000 companies. San Francisco: JosseyBass. (2003, October). The goals of stock option programs. Gordon, A. (February 2000). 35 best companies to work for. Report on Business Magazine 24–32. Brearton, S., & Daly, J. (2003, January). The 50 Best Companies to Work for in Canada. Report on Business, 53–65. Hays, S. (February 1990). “Ownership cultures” create unity. Workforce, 78(2), 60–64. Graham-Moore, B., & Ross, T. L. (1990). Gainsharing: Plans for improving performance. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs; Markham, S. E., Scott, K. D., & Little, B. L. (1992, January–February). National gainsharing study: The importance of industry differences. Compensation & Benefits Rev...
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