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M 1974 leadership and effective management glenview il

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Unformatted text preview: B1, B7. Kets de Vries, M. F. R., & Miller, D. (1984, October). Unstable at the top. Psychology Today, 26–34, p. 32. McKenna, B. (2003, August 27). Shuttle probe blasts NASA’s dysfunctional atmosphere. The Globe and Mail, p. A9; Schwartz, J., & Wald, M. L. (2003, August 27). Shuttle probe faults NASA. Toronto Star. Retrieved November 30, 2003, from www.thestar.ca (orig. pub. New York Times). See Schein, 1992. Papmehl, 2002. Uttal, B. (1985, August 5). Behind the fall of Steve Jobs. Fortune, 20–24. Pascale, 1984; Pascale, R. (1985, Winter). The paradox of “corporateculture”: Reconciling ourselves to socialization. California Management Review, 26–41. For some research support, see Caldwell, D. F., Chatman, J. A., & O’Reilly, C. A. (1990). Building organizational commitment: A multifirm study. Journal of Occupational Psychology, 63, 245–261. Gordon, A. (2000, February). 35 best companies to work for. Report on Business Magazine, 24–32. Hatch, 1993; Ornstein, S. (1986). Organizational symbols: A study...
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