M niehoff b p mackenzie s b williams m l 1993

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Unformatted text preview: evaluations and subordinates’ perceptions of transformational and transactional leadership. Journal of Applied Psychology, 73, 695–702; Waldman, D. A., Ramirez, G. G., House, R. J., & Puranam, P. (2001). Does leadership matter? CEO leadership attributes and profitability under conditions of perceived environmental uncertainty. Academy of Management Journal, 44, 134–143. Stewart, T. A. (1991, August 12). GE keeps those ideas coming. Fortune, 41–49. Bartlett, C., & Ghoshal, S. (1995, May-June). Changing the role of top management: Beyond systems to people. Harvard Business Review, 132–142. Verburg, 2000. Manz, C. C., & Sims, H. P. (1989). Super-leadership. New York, NY: Prentice-Hall. Cohen, S. G., Chang, L., & Ledford, G. E. Jr. (1997). A hierarchical construct of self-management leadership and its relationship to quality of work life and perceived work group effectiveness. Personnel Psychology, 50, 275–308. Conger, J. A. (1998). Winning ‘em over: A new model...
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