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Unformatted text preview: , December 9). Motorola illustrates how an aged giant can remain vibrant. Wall Street Journal, pp. A1, A18. 2. George, J. M. (1992). The role of personality in organizational life: Issues and Evidence. Journal of Management, 18, 185–213; Mount, M. K., & Barrick, M. R. (1995). The big five personality dimensions: Implications for research and practice in human resources management. In K. M. Rowland & G. Ferris (Eds.), Research in personnel and human resources Management (Vol. 13, pp.153–200). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press. 3. George, 1992; Weiss, H. M., & Adler, S. (1984). Personality and organizational behavior. In B. M. Staw & L. L. Cummings (Eds.), Research in organizational behavior, (Vol.6, pp.1–50). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press. 4. Adler, S., & Weiss, H. M. (1988). Recent developments in the study of personality and organizational behavior. In C. L. Cooper & I. Robertson (Eds.), International review of industrial and organizational psychology. New York: Wiley. 5. Moses, S. (1991, Novembe...
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