P 1991 understanding technology structure

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Unformatted text preview: s. In P. C. Nystrom & W. H. Starbuck (Eds.), Handbook of organization design (Vol. 1). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Zachary, G. P. (1994). Consolidation sweeps the software industry; small firms imperiled. Wall Street Journal, pp. A1, A6. Volberda, H.W. (1996). Toward the flexible form: How to remain vital in hypercompetitive environments. Organization Scene, 7, 359–374. Kirkpatrick, D. (1990, February 12). Environmentalism: The new crusade. Fortune, 44–55. Connolly, T., Conlon, E. J., & Deutsch, S. J. (1980). Organizational effectiveness: A multiple-constituency approach. Academy of Management Review, 5, 211–217. Fisher, 1985. Duncan, 1972; Just how to measure uncertainty has provoked controversy. See Downey, H. K., & Ireland, R. D. (1979). Quantitative versus qualitative: Environmental assessment in organizational studies. Administrative Science Quarterly, 24, 630–637; Milliken, F. J. (1987). Three types of perceived uncertainty about the environment: State, e...
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