Report on business 197 5365 gordon a 2000 february

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Unformatted text preview: background, meta-analysis, and test of alternative models. Personnel Psychology, 56, 155–194. Markham, S. E., Scott, K. D., & McKee, G. H. (2002). Recognizing good attendance: A longitudinal, quasiexperimental field study. Personnel Psychology, 55, 639–660. Markham, Scott, & McKee, 2002; Well-structured employee reward/recognition programs yield positive results. (1999, November). Hrfocus, 1, 14, 15. Markham, Scott, & McKee, 2002 Brearton, S., & Daly, J. (2003, January). The fifty best companies to work for in Canada. Report on Business, 19(7), 53–65; Gordon, A. (2000, February). 35 Best Companies to Work for. Report on Business Magazine, 16(8), 24–32. Saks, A. M., & Haccoun, R. R. (2004). Managing performance through training and development. Toronto, Canada: Nelson. Saks, A. M. (1997). Transfer of training and self–efficacy: What is the dilemma? Applied Psychology: An International Review, 46, pp. 365–370. Bank of Montreal satisfies customers by satisfying employees. (1997, February). Workforce, pp. 46–47. Galt, V. (2002, June 5). Puttin...
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