See henkoff r 1993 march 22 companies that train best

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Unformatted text preview: , 95–104. 68. Meyer, Allen, & Topolnytsky, 1998. Chapter 5 1. Bank, D. (1997, January 21). Starbucks faces growing competition: Its own stores. Wall Street Journal, pp. B1, B9; Hammers, M. (2003, October). Starbucks in pleasing employees and pouring profits. Workforce, 82(10), 58–59; Reese, J. (1996, December 9). Starbucks: Inside the Coffee Cult. Fortune, 190–200; Shultz, H., & Yang, D. J. (1997, September, 29). Making values pay. Fortune, 261–272. (Excerpt from Pour your heart into it, 1997, Toronto: Hyperion; Weiss, N. (1998, August). How Starbucks impassions workers to drive growth. Workforce, 77(8), 61–64. References 2. Campbell, J. P., Dunnette, M. D., Lawler, E. E., III, & Weick, K. E., Jr. (1970). Managerial behavior, performance, and effectiveness. New York: McGraw-Hill. Also see Blau, G. (1993). Operationalizing direction and level of effort and testing their relationship to job performance. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 55, 152–170. 3. Dyer, L., & Parker, D. F. (1975). Classifying outcomes in work motivation res...
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