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Unformatted text preview: yson, T. (1992). Does believing that everyone else is less ethical have an impact on work behavior? Journal of Business Ethics, 11, 707–717. Tsalikis & Fritzsche, 1989. Kaynama, S. A., King, A., and Smith, L. W. (1996). The impact of a shift in organizational role on ethical perceptions: A comparative study. Journal of Business Ethics, 15, 581–590. Franke, G. R., Crown, D. F., and Spake, D. F. (1997). Gender differences in ethical perceptions of business practices: A social role theory perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology, 82, 920–934. Tsalikis & Fritzsche, 1989. Bird, F., & Waters, J. A. (1987). The nature of managerial moral standards. Journal of Business Ethics, 6, 1–13. Hegarty, W. H., & Sims, H. P., Jr. (1978). Some determinants of unethical behavior: An experiment. Journal of Applied Psychology, 63, 451–457; Trevino, L. K., Sutton, C. D., & Woodman, R. W. (1985). Effects of reinforcement contingencies and cognitive moral development on ethical decision-making behavior:...
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