HW Due 2-17-2009 Set 2

HW Due 2-17-2009 Set 2 - would double the mean processing...

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HW Due 2-17-2009 1. What is the estimated cycle time for a machining center with 3 identical machines available. Jobs arrival at a mean rate of 5/hr (exponentially distributed time between arrivals). Job processing time is Erlang-4 distributed with a mean time of 30 minutes. 2. The company of Problem 1 has the possibility of purchasing a machine upgrade which
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Unformatted text preview: would double the mean processing speed. However, processing time variability is quite different with a reported 2 2 s C = . Compare the estimated cycle times for (i) upgrading the three machines; (ii) upgrading two machines and getting rid of the third....
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