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INEN316: Production Systems Operation Instructor: Guy L. Curry, Room 237G, Zachry, 845-5576, Office Hours: Any time that I am not in class. I will be busy preparing before class early every day so sometimes that will not be a good time to see me. Appointments are not necessary; if I am busy, we will setup an appointment time as soon as possible. Please do not interrupt if there is someone in my office. Judy Meeks can make an appointment with me, however, email is the most direct way. INEN316 Production Systems Operation. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S Treatment of the analytical models for production systems. Emphasis is placed on the stochastic analysis of these systems. The role of variability and its impact on cycle time is the key issue. Push versus pull production strategies are studied including Kanban and constant wip control. Probability, queueing theory, Little’s Law, heavy traffic approximations, and queueing networks form the theoretical framework for this analysis. Prerequisites: INEN220, STAT 211, and registration in INEN315. Detailed Course Outline: Introduction Production System Elements and Modeling Paradigm: throughput, wip and cycle time Probability Probability Spaces: outcome space, probability measures, and events Random Variables and Distribution Functions Conditional Probability: rules for computing variances and coefficients of variation Long Run Average Characteristics: Little’s law Modeling WIP and Cycle Time Role of Variability: diffusion approximations for single workstations obtaining hidden workstation capacity Factory as a Network of Queues: open queueing networks approximations batch processing multiple product classes WIP Limiting Control: CONWIP and closed queueing networks approximations Kanban control and associated models Textbook: The textbook is Manufacturing Systems Modeling and Analysis by Guy L. Curry and Richard M. Feldman, Springer, ISBN 978-3-540-88762-1.
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INEN316CourseDescription - INEN316: Production Systems...

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