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Test 1 grades, etc

Test 1 grades, etc - Test 1 results comments observations...

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Unformatted text preview: Test 1 results, comments, observations, and points of clarification: 1. the sample average is not a distributional mean. 2. the Greek letter ,u is used as the mean rate (actually the parameter of an exponentially distributed service time) and not a symbol representing the mean as it is sometimes used in statistics or quality control. 3. E4 is used to represent an Erlang-4 distribution which means that it is equivalent to the sum of 4 identical distributed exponential random variables. 4. define the state space does not mean list all its entries; it means tell me what your number scheme means in terms of the problem; for example, (n, aph, sph) could mean: (number in the system, the phase of the arrival process, the phase of the service process). Otherwise, I am guessing as to what the number represent! 5. If you have a process with 2 arrival and 2 service phases, then you must have at least 4 ' phases (multiple servers can cause even more). 6. several students know that the C2 symbol = var/ mean2 , but when I asked you to compute an SCV in a problem, where I gave the mean and the variance (maybe in different units) you didn’t know how to compute it? Is this logical? Grades: avg 55 90's 80's 70's 60’s 1 50's 40's 30’s 20‘s 10's ‘Nl-PN N MCHODQDLO ...
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