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Write a 350- to 700-word response to the following questions below the screen shot: 1.) As the medical assistant, you worked with three different marginalized populations. Briefly describe each population and provide one communication tip for each. As a medical assistant it is my job to relate to each and every individual. No matter their race, gender, language they speak, age, or why they are needing my help. It is not my job to judge but to help people get back their health. Now with the first scenario I chose option two. In this scenario it involves an elderly woman with high blood pressure. With this choice it allows me to let her know what is going on with her health without scaring her or being rude to the patient. In scenario two I chose option three because as the physicians assistant my job is to relay the information the physician wants me to. However this does not include the things that he has to inform the patient of, certain situations I will not be able to give instructions on how to take medication or how to
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ErinHaileyPatton-assignment-week5 - Write a 350- to...

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