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Psychology and Health Problems ? Assignment: Psychology and Health Problems Erin Hailey Patton September 20, 2010 Psy/210 Julia Waddell
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Psychology and Health Problems ? There are six different factors that come into play when diagnosing illnesses. These factors include behavior, biological, environment, personality, sociocultural, and stressors. The multifactor model explain the details within the factors that cause illnesses. For example if someone were to come down with pneumonia, a physician can use these factors to figure out what has caused it so that they can treat the patient as best as possible. These factors can also tell a person how to avoid or to help them avoid certain illnesses that are caused by them. Behavior is a factor that will inform the physician of how a person lives their daily lives. A person’s eating habits fall under this factor, and it can explain why someone has high cholesterol, as well as lead to life long illnesses like diabetes. There are other issues covered under this factor, for instance how active a person is and/or a person’s sleeping pattern. Non healthy sleeping patterns can lead to illnesses as well as have been affected by certain illnesses. For example, depression can either be caused by sleep deprivation or it can lead to sleep deprivation. Biological factors are based on a person’s genetics. For example, their family history, the way their own body works, as well as how old they are, their race, and their birth date. This factor will allow the physician to have the upper hand when it comes to illnesses that are or can be genetic. A couple examples would be heart disease and
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ErinHaileyPatton-Assignmentwk4 - Psychology and Health...

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