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Barriers in Diversity Checkpoint: Barriers in Diversity Erin Hailey September 24, 2010 HCA/230 Phyllis Phillips
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Barriers in Diversity A person’s nationality can become a barrier in health communication due to things such as racism. Racism can go both ways, meaning a caregiver being racist or a patient being racist. If a patient is racist and goes to an emergency room he/she may hold back certain information or even show their dislike towards the attending caregiver in an unkindly manner that is inappropriate. It also creates a barrier if someone on the medical staff is racist he/she may not provide the same care or the best care for that patient as they would another. A person’s lifestyle can cause a barrier because it shows the difference between you and another person. This can cause friction between people, some may not like others because of sexual orientation or preference. For example if a patient finds out that the nurse that has been treating him/her is homosexual. The patient’s demeanor towards that
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Unformatted text preview: nurse may change to make it known that either he/she does not approve or by being less forth coming with information about themselves. Healthcare education is important for everyone, especially if you are a minority. This is because minorities tend to be less knowledgable about health issues especially when it comes to themselves. For example a minority is more likely to die from an illness that could have been cured if only the patient would have known more about what to look for in symptoms. Health care is always advancing and with it so are the caregivers. For example new technology is being develop each and every day, these technologies are there to help cure illnesses as well as find treatment options for those that are yet to have one available. It is important for health care providers to stay updated on this because if they do not they could cost someone their life that could have a chance....
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ErinHaileyPatton-CheckpointWk5 - nurse may change to make...

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