15-Post-processing of Fingerprint Localization using

15-Post-processing of Fingerprint Localization using -...

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Unformatted text preview: Post-processing of FingerprintLocalization using Kalman Filter and Map-matching Techniques ClaudeTakenga,TaoPeng Instituteofcommunicationsengineering LeibnizUniversityofHannover Appelstrasse9A,30167Hannover,Germany takenga@yahoo.fr Abstract- Most ofthe available positioning technologies havelimitationsineitheraccuracyofabsoluteposition(cellular localization),accumulatederror(deadreckoningtechniques)or availability of the signal (GPS). This paper describes the featuresofpost-processingalgorithmsperformedtoimprovethe positioning accuracy achieved with fingerprint localization within a cellularnetwork. Position estimates gotfrom the so calledNeural Network (NN) localizationare furtherprocessed through a Kalman filtering-based tracking algorithm and thereafter, the processed position is matched to the road accordingtothemap-matchingtechniqueapplied.Resultsshow thatan accurate positioning withina cellularnetwork can be achievedandcouldserveascomplementarytotheexistingGPS. Keywords- Localization, GSM-Positioning, Kalman Filter, Map-Matching,Fingerprint. 1.Introduction A demand foraccuratepositioningtechnologyisincreasing. Though several satellite-based positioning services are alreadyinpracticaluse and providea good accuracy [1,2], therestillsome areaslefttowhichradiowaves usedinsuch positioning system can not reach. Complementary positioning methods covering these areas are strongly needed. Intherecentyears some positioningbasedon dead reckoningandthoseworkingwithinacellularnetworkhave been developed. The dead reckoning technique has been appliedinmany positioningsystems [3,4],butthismethod results in a positioning error accumulation with time. An update should be periodically performed to solve this problem. In[5]differentmethodsappliedforcellularlocalizationhave beenintroduced: CellIdentification,inthismethodtheservingcellistakento betheareawheretheMT islocated.Precisionofthismethod is300minurbanareas,2km insuburbanareasand3-4kmin ruralzones. EnhancedCellID,withthismethodone cangetaprecision similartoCellID,butforruralareas,withcircularsectorsof 550meters. KyandoghereKyamakya TransportationInformatics AlpenAdriaUniversityKlagenfurt Klagenfurt,Austria kyamakya@isys.uni-klu.ac.at Time of Arrival and Angle of arrival suffer in case of environmentwithseveremultipath. In [6,7], Fingerprint localization methods have shown to perform better in environments with significant multipath propagationwhichisthecaseofurbanareas. Theseabovelistedmethodscouldserveascomplementaryto GPS. However, theirpositioning accuracy ispoor. In this work we do some post-processingofpositionestimatesgot from fingerprintlocalizationmethodbyinvolvingatracking algorithmbasedon Kalman filteringand applyingdifferent roadmatchingmethodsdependingonthegivenscenario....
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15-Post-processing of Fingerprint Localization using -...

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