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Calendar_2010-11 - t he schooL of extended Learning deans...

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the schooL of extended Learning dean’s Message The School of Extended Learning provides a wide range of programs and services which are aimed at improving student accessibility to the University. Programs include credit and non-credit course offerings, distance education courses; off-campus courses and programs; and designated pre-university and entry-level courses and undergraduate certificate programs, as well as customized training and professional development. Services are focused on three support systems: Recruitment – providing alternative entry points to university studies; Retention – by exploring alternative learning paths and learn- ing-career intersects; and Remediation programs which support student re-entry to and transfer within university studies. Currently, these programs and services can be accessed through our Student Transition Centre, the Centre for Continuing Education and the Insti- tute in Community Development. The Centre for Continuing Education has improved programming to accommodate the de- mand for non-credit certificate and diploma programs. As a result our range of courses has been regrouped into fifty-three certificates and twenty diplomas to provide a sequence of skill sets which lead to certification levels that are aligned to labour market requirements. In the broader context, the School of Extended Learning aspires to become a portal to the University and its services through community outreach and engagement as well as distance and remote delivery of a wide range of programming which would be otherwise inaccessible. In keeping with the spirit and principles of Lifelong Learning, the School is fully committed to the provision of a sustainable future for individuals, the community and society at large. Noel Burke – Dean, School of Extended Learning E-mail: [email protected] office Location MaiLing address Centre for Continuing Education Centre for Continuing Education School of Extended Learning School of Extended Learning La Tour du Faubourg Concordia University 1600 Ste-Catherine Street West 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd West Montreal, Quebec H3H 2S7 Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8 Telephone: 514-848-3600 Fax: 514-848-2806 Visit us on the Web! www.CONCORDIA.CA/CONTED
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Computer Aided Design CAD/MCAD ll l 52 Digital Photographic Imaging l 16 Financial Management l B 32,36 Accounting Practices B 32 Finance and Globalization B 32 Purchasing B 33 Transportation and Inventory Control l 33 General Business Studies B 28 Graphic Applications in Desktop Publishing l l 6,12 Graphic Design l 7 Page Layout l 6, 11 Photoshop l 6, 10 Web Publications l 7 Human Resources Management l B 37,40 Human Resources – Change and Leadership B 38 Human Resources Fundamentals B 37 Labour Relations B 37 Java EE Programming and Application Development l 54 Java Client and Server Programming l 54 Java Distributed Applications l 54 Java Programming Fundamentals l 54 Journalism l 13 Creative Writing l 13 Journalism Fundamentals l 13 Specialized Journalism Topics l l 14 Legal Practices in Business B 41, 43 Management l B 42,46
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Calendar_2010-11 - t he schooL of extended Learning deans...

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