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Alien Invasion The four factors that produce changes in population size are birth rate. The birthing rate of a nutria is alarming, they can give birth to forty young in a year, and at just four months of age they can reproduce as well. Death is also a factor , it’s basically the same as the birth rate because as they reproduce they die. Immigration is third on the list. When a population immigrates or moves into a new area they are increasing the population in that area. The final factor that contributes to the changes in population size is emigration. With emigration you have a population moving away from an area, this may also decrease the population size. The two main factors I saw affected the population size in the video,
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Unformatted text preview: were death and birth. I believe this because the nutria in the Louisiana area do not seem to be leaving. The birth rate seems to be the dominant factor of the two they are reproducing at a faster pace then, they are dying off. I can predict three things can happen to the nutria. First they will eat will starve to death after eating all the vegetation. Second, they will immigrate to another area to survive. Third, These creatures will do a little of both and adapt to eating a different vegetation across the country. References
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