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Annotated Bibliography first three

Annotated Bibliography first three - Annotated Bibliography...

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Annotated Bibliography Gershon, Howard J., Pattakos, Alex, Creating Market Opportunities: Innovation Is the Key, Journal of Healthcare Management 49.1 (Jan-Feb 2004): p 9 (3). (1279 words) Academic OneFile . Thomson Gale. University of Phoenix. 19 Jan 2007. In this article Gershon discusses the use of strategic marketing during the transformation/innovation process of healthcare organizations. The difference between revolutionary and evolutionary innovation is delineated as he shares his insight into current perspectives on healthcare systems’. Gershon argues that radical innovation is more cost effective and has the potential for lasting sustainable change. He attributes organization’s perceived conflicts with implementation to be: lack of time, energy and interest. By drawing from Peter Senge’s book The Fifth Discipline, Gershon uses the parable of The Boiled Frog to summarize his final point; healthcare will change in spite of organizations’ attempts to ignore the opportunity of radical innovation. (Sum, par 2) The Thompson Gale database will provide the doctoral student with a plethora of information to substantiate viewpoints and serve well as a resource for both the innovative and historical aspects of healthcare. Presently, as a Transformation Agent within the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Organization, I am assisting with development of our innovative state model for transformation. I am confident that I will contribute a high level of
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scholarly research to this process by accessing this database as I develop my dissertation. Jonsen, Albert R., Abstract of Stephen Miles’ original document summary: The Hippocratic Oath and the Ethics of Medicine, in The New England Journal of Medicine. Boston: May 13, 2004. Vol. 350, Iss. 20, pg. 2111, 1pgs, ProQuest Digital Dissertations database. 19 January 2007. In Jonsen’s abstract of Stephen Miles’ original article, THE HIPPOCRATIC
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Annotated Bibliography first three - Annotated Bibliography...

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