interview paper - Thad Age 5 Hyper Aggressive physically...

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Thad Jacob Age 5 6 Hyper Aggressive physically injuring younger sibling overly anxious, can be in victim role quite frequently No sense of danger Very social Not receiving services totally hooked up HEATHER – age 37? Rigid Controlling Directive Couch parent – diff than laisse faire Buys love $ Anxious Hovers Pushes sibling care taker duties on to sibling BS degree Married OCD Clean freak Puts baby gates up to corrall kids in bedroom Does not accept advice or suggestions well Matriarch in home Runs budget Coordinates appts, testing, etc Sets social calendar of family Does not work stay at home mom Oppositional to authority Sees herself as the authority on most subjects Selective on who she will listen to Moved out of state of family support system to another state of family support system expects everyone to treat her the same as the circle of attention (so does thad
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Cheryle – 34 ? single mother Age Open to learning Is working on bachelors in special education Learning disabled dyslexia Connected with assessments at age 3 in head start program Religious, devout servant Has major depression Difficulty with authority Victim of domestic abuse from father of children who did drugs, drinking,, and does not provide child support end up with permanent VPO Strict Corporal punishment with flyswatter Time out Grounded No ‘treat’ is because if is stucture Sexual abuse survivor Has grandmother back up only for support system Allows maternal mother to ‘judge’ her harshly and feels like failure
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interview paper - Thad Age 5 Hyper Aggressive physically...

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