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Activity 8 NCU homework - Differentiate between several...

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Activity 8 Section 7: Psychology in Everyday Life Coon, chapter 17 Assignment 8 Discussion Posting Research and provide substantive responses to the following questions. Your  response should be 200 – 300 words in length and supported by documentation  from the text and other resource materials following APA style and format  guidelines.  1. What area of psychology do you find most interesting?  2. How would you apply this area to real world situations in your life?  Post your essay to the appropriate discussion forum for the course. In addition to  your original posting, you also need to respond to at least one other posting on  this topic.   Learning Outcomes: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)  Assignment Outcomes Describe the scientific and biological basis of psychology.
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Unformatted text preview: Differentiate between several basic subfields in psychology including sensation, perception, learning, and memory. Describe how cognition, motivation, emotion, and personality influence behavior. Explain the fundamentals of abnormal/clinical psychology and behavioral therapy. Activity Discussion Forum Add a New Entry Message: Although the Discussion Forum is designed to be an open forum for you to express your comments and thoughts, due to possible legal issues like slander and misrepresentation, the university reserves the right, but not the obligation, at its sole discretion, to edit or remove any comments. File: If you wish to attach a file to this discussion entry for others to download, select your local file with the browse button. Messages (in reverse chronological order) 0 Messages Displayed...
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